Shooting Sports & Training Centers of Texas

Range Rules

1. ALWAYS - Keep firearms pointed in a safe direction (usually downrange).

2. ALWAYS - Keep fingers off the trigger until absolutely ready to shoot.

3. ALWAYS - Wear eye and ear protection.

Steel core, Light Armor Piercing (LAP / green tip / penetrator), or Armor Piercing (black tip) ammunition are not allowed in this shooting range.

5. Be thoroughly familiar with, and know how, to safely operate the firearm.

6. Be sure the firearm is in good working order and safe to operate.

7. Use correct ammunition for the firearm. See rule #4 for certain types of ammunition.

8. Know your target and what is beyond it - make sure down range is unoccupied.

9. Collection of spent cartridges is not allowed in this range.

10. Never use alcohol or drugs of any kind before or while shooting a firearm.

11. Never leave any firearm unattended or accessible to unauthorized persons.

12. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied and properly supervised by an adult over the age of 18 at all times.

13. Food and beverage are not allowed in the shooting area.

14. Certain firearms and shooting activities require additional safety precautions.

We take safety very seriously at our range and insist that you do, too.